Team Douvris at the Ontario Provincial Open

Team Douvris travelled to Burlington last weekend to compete in the 41st Ontario Provincial Open Martial Arts Championships. We had a strong contingent of junior underbelt competitors, including kids who are just beginning to compete and who performed very well under pressure.

We were also privileged to watch the Para Martial Arts championships on Saturday morning, and were inspired by the display of talent and courage from the competitors.

Below are the results for Team Douvris.

Junior underbelt divisions:
Rhys Collar: fourth in point sparring
Kaleb Hihnala: bronze in kata
Katarina Tessier: silver in kata
Kimberley Hopkins: silver in kata, silver in point sparring
Jennifer Robson: silver in point sparring
Remy Collar: gold in point sparring
Nathan Gourde: gold in point sparring
Catherine Robson: bronze in kata, gold in point sparring
William Carr: gold in kata, gold in continuous sparring, silver in point sparring
Alejandro Miguelez: gold in kata, gold in weapons, gold in point sparring

Junior black belt divisions:
David Patenaude: fourth in point sparring
Justine Sénéchal: fourth in kata, fourth in point sparring
Patrick Gourde: silver in continuous sparring, bronze in point sparring

Adult black belt divisions:
Subhadra Shrestha: gold in kata
Brigitte Pellerin: gold in kata, gold in point sparring

Big thanks to Rizzo’s Karate as well as Paterson’s Karate Works for a successful and well-run tournament.

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