Team DOUVRIS Travels to Ireland

(Team photo credit: Stacey Nininger)

AAAAAaaaaaannnnndddddddd….they’re off! Team DOUVRIS is on its way to Dublin, Ireland, to compete in the WKC World Championships this weekend (October 4-9, 2014). Among the champions fighting for Team Douvris are DOUVRIS Sensei Robbie Lavoie, Cody Diesbourg, Sebastien Couture, and Elyse Gorrell.

About the WKC

The WKC World Championships are an annual martial arts competition where competitors from all over the world assemble to test their skills against the best of the best in their particular discipline. Martial Arts disciplines include, speed fighting (point and continuous sparring), kata (forms), weapons etc and are divided by age and/or weight class as appropriate. To be eligible to attend the world championships competitors must be selected to represent their country by their respective National Team President by competing at either National Championships, training camps or a series of regional tournaments. This ensures the WKC World Championships are truly the best of the best.

WKC World championships are conducted in a safe, family friendly environment, professionally officiated and organized, where attendees compete at a World Class level and lifelong friendships are made.

Who Participates

The WKC Canada host several events across Canada that are open to all styles and systems of martial arts. Competitors from any school can participate. There are divisions for all age groups. The belt level however is only advanced or black belt. At the world championships you cannot have an intermediate or novice world champion. It would be impossible to regulate if a competitor should be in novice or advance division. Therefore the divisions are open. The best fighter regardless of his or her rank can win the world title. Most of the adult competitors are either black belts or advance belts. In the smaller children divisions, like -25kg you will see intermediate belt competitors.

Qualifying for WKC

In order to compete at the worldchampionships you must qualify for the WKC Canadian Team. The first step is to qualify at a regional event. The WKC holds 8 – 10 regional events across Canada during the months of March and April. Competitors who place at these events are invited to compete at the WKC Nationals held in May. The Nationals are a true Canadian Championships with top competitors from British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Northern Ontario, Quebec and the East Coast testing their skills. This three day tournament is rated the top competitive, professional martial arts event held in Canada.

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